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            About Net Machinery

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Let NETMACHINERY.COM help you turn your unwanted Industrial machinery into cash!!!!

Selling your machinery can seem like a simple task, but can be rife with pitfalls. From machinery liens to financing, selling your machinery can be more involved than you might imagine. Netmachinery is here to assist you with that process and can provide several options to help you meet your needs at NO COST* to you, our seller. Whether itís gaining shop space or maximizing your equipment return NETMACHINERY can provide you the best assistance on moving your machinery.

Selling Options:

Immediate Purchase: NETMACHINERY can purchase your equipment immediately for our inventory at an agreed upon price. Payment is made within 1-2 days after an equipment inspection. Machinery is shipped to our warehouse thereafter. NETMACHINERY incurs all costs for transportation, rigging and storage unless agreed otherwise. This option can be selected at any time and need not be your first or only option. (This option is best when quick cash is needed and equipment must or is desired to be moved).

Brokering Machines : NETMACHINERY offers equipment for sale without an exclusive contract. We then detail, list, advertise and market the machines throughout our extensive network of dealers, users and exporters as aggressively as if we have invested in, and own, this equipment. We control the sale and distribute information and quotations to end users, dealers and our network of partners. Purchase price (your net price) is negotiated when machine is originally listed with us. If two or more dealers are involved NETMACHINERY pays all compensation to any and all other parties involved.

Think of it just as you would with real estate. You are asking for professional services and we are offering our hard work, contacts, reputation in the industry and experience to sell your machine in exchange for the exclusive right to represent your interests. That doesn't preclude anyone from selling it or buying it. It just means that we ask that they work with us to do it. The benefit to you, is you have one company controlling every dealer, potential buyer etc. weeding out the budgeter's, discount buyers and tire kickers and only presenting solid offers from reputable buyers while trying to maintain the agreed upon price. (This option is best suited to maximize the return on your investment) In any of these cases upon a sale with NETMACHINERY, full payment is made to you the seller 100% prior to removal of any equipment typically immediately via wire transfer.

Ready to Sell Your Equipment? With our user friendly self posting website you can either list your own machinery for sale directly to our website with up to a dozen photos and with unlimited ads or call us to assist you. Please send or self post to our user friendly website at least 5-12 photos and or a short video of the machine and controller. Be sure to include the Serial Plate (with Serial Number) in the photos. Generally, we need the following details: Year: Make: Model: Serial Number: Travels\Stroke or Capacity: Voltage: Weight: Shipping Dimensions;etc. more info is better!!

*NO COST: Thatís right NETMACHINERY Markets your machinery at no "up-front" or "back end" cost to you, the seller. Don't Forget - We Are Buyers Too!!!

We are constantly looking for your machinery to purchase! Whether trading it in for new machinery or selling your excess machinery outright. We can work with you for removal to coincide with your new machinery delivery or can make a quick and expedited purchase to clear out excess equipment fast.

Please check out our website with thousands of priced metalworking & Fabrication machines for sale!

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